Few Guidelines to check before posting

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Few Guidelines to check before posting

Post by MyGrenoWest » Thu Aug 08, 2019 7:42 pm

A Big Welcome to this forum and we hope you have an 'enlightning' time here!
There are a lot of well-informed people here who will help you with all your queries. However, in the interest of saving their time and yours (advice is free, time is not!), we've created a check-list to go through before you start posting. This will make things efficient for all of us.

Please search through the existing forum threads BEFORE posting a new question. We've seen that many newcomers have similar questions about almost the same products. So it saves a lot of our time if you make the effort to do a thorough search of postings.

Please do not give titles that have no relation to your question. Putting subjects like 'Hello, Hi ' gives us absolutely no clue about the query (nor any incentive to open your post). Also, Please don't put titles like "Heeelp meeee, yaaaah!" as your subject line.
We assume (and sincerely hope) that you're not being molested as you write this post. Don't make yourself sound as if you are.

In order for us to help you select the right way, we need to know a bit more about you. No, we do not need information on : your sexual preferences, your favourite actor, your political affiliations or your favourite football team.

We DO need information about :
a. Name of current school, your kids are studying in, if you are looking for another school, so that other members can suggest you if it will be wise or not to change the school.

b. Society Name (if you have not mentioned it while making registration, although we recommend it), if you are looking for any child specialist or any doctor, so that others can suggest you best, that suits your location as well or warn you of doctor not to go to.

If you find a query from other members and know really that you can help in this concern, then, please do leave feedback about it. This will help future newcomers avoid your pitfalls and also enrich our own knowledge base.

If you've read this far and still want to join, then once again, Welcome to our world!

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